Healthcare innovations can be made possible through industry and academia partnerships

On March 16, BE.IN hosted the first “Innovations in Healthcare” meetup at LIU-Brooklyn to connect Brooklyn faculty and staff with area healthcare innovation firms. Part of an initiative to increase communication between higher education and the innovation sector, the BE.IN meetups are great opportunities for Brooklyn faculty, staff, and professionals to explore collaboration amongst colleagues.  

 Joel Murphy, Co-Founder and President of OpenBCI and faculty member at Parsons New School for Design, highlighted the benefits of open-sourced technology in the healthcare field and discussed his technology, the open-sourced brain computer interface (BCI). The OpenBCI Board can be used to sample various body functions, including electrical brain activity, muscle activity, and heart rate. All of OpenBCI’s technology is open sourced and available free online.

 In his discussion, Mr. Murphy said open sourced technology is an important concept because it allows for constant innovation of technology, including his own. The concepts of collaboration and iteration in the tech sector that Mr. Murphy spoke of is part of why the BE.IN meetups contribute to the development of the Brooklyn tech economy. Through networking in our borough, we are able to continue to find ways to improve upon our own understanding of technology, regardless if you are an industry professional, student, staff, or faculty.

 BE.IN Executive Director Dr. Eddie Summers also engaged in a fascinating dialogue regarding on-going research with Dr. Leeja Carter, Assistant Professor in the Division of Athletic Training, Health, and Exercise Science at LIU-Brooklyn. Dr. Carter, also the Director of the Center for Performance Excellence in Applied Kinesiology, discussed her current research on stress, coping and physical activity among African American women, focusing on the impacts of matriarchy and caring for others, which Dr. Carter coins “Superwoman.” Ongoing research will be a topic of conversation at BE.IN’s upcoming meetup, the “BE.INNOVATIVE Faculty Meetup” on March 30 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Berkeley College.

 For more information on this meetup or other upcoming BE.IN events, visit the BE.IN Events page.