Media + Film + Game Meetup

BE.IN hosted the Media + Film + Game Meetup at NYU MAGNET on April 19th to introduce students to the dynamic digital media world. NYU MAGNET is a shared space for faculty and students across NYU who are exploring the intersection of innovation, culture and technology.

This event played host to interesting school representatives offering varied solutions and improvements in gaming and graphic design. For those looking to get involved in these fields and pursuing them as careers, it was an information-gaining event to attend.

De Angela Duff, Co-Director and Industry Associate Professor of Integrated Digital Media Technology, Culture and Society at NYU Tandon talked about the future of illustration, graphic design, and animation. Drawing upon her rich experience in the field, Dr. Duff highlighted the importance of these evolving areas and explained where the field seems to be moving.

Susan Grace Young, Chairperson of the AOS program at the Pratt Institute, talked about the associate degree programs in gaming that will be available for students starting fall 2017. Furthermore, Dr. Basem Aly highlighted the promising opportunities in this industry. He also discussed the available physical, financial and faculty resources that could be utilized in developing new innovative games. Moreover, he stated his will to communicate and cooperate with the students who have an inclination to the gaming industry.

One of the purposes of the BE.IN Meetups is to provide opportunities for students to build network with faculty and fellow students representing various educational institutions. Creating these amazing networking pools, like the Media + Film + Game Meetup, between students from NYU, Pratt and CityTech reflects the mission of BE.IN, which is having a united and collaborative Brooklyn among academic and industry.

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